Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Red Like A Flame!

What's spring without a big hit of color
In the transition from chilly to warmer temps, we're ready to embrace a hot hue
Flame-hued clothing is a big trend on the spring runways. 
Red, it’s a go-to color for lipstick, nail polish and shoes. 
Wearing it? 
That's gonna be a different story.  
Somebody once said: “Fiery red is a mood elevator; it can boost confidence and make you feel more in control.” Let’s check it out through the always-classic Jennifer Aniston in fiery red at the Oscars, fabulous! Stunning! Amazing! Do you think so? 
Are you a fan of red
Would you like to try out any of these looks? 
Here are some must-have items, for proof that wearing this hot hue is simpler than it may seem!

$5.69 for Simple Style Pocket Design Single-Button Chiffon Blouse

$14.22 for Sweet Polo Neck Blocking Color Twist Stripe Love Embellished Acrylic Fibers Sweater

$16.29 for Elegant Lapel Long Sleeve Solid Color Button Blazer 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Slipping into a pair of sexy shorts!

It’s finally warm outside and the summer seems to have arrived… you can now throw away all your winter clothes.
OK, not literally throw away, you’ll need them in a few months again, unfortunately. 
But let’s forget about the cold foggy winter days and enjoy the wonderful sunny ones. 
First of all, what’s your opinion on the Gossip Girl Serena van der Woodsen or Blake Lively in shorts? Chic and gorgeous as usual?
This summer is going to be all about the shorts, it’s time for bare legs, are you ready or not? 
The big trend right now is shorts for all occasions, from a lazy walk on Sundays, to having drinks with your friends, to work (if permitted of course) to dates, to parties, shopping, traveling etc. 

Do you like those beauties? 
Are you going to wear the shorts this summer day? 
Let us know, and be sure to shop special deals on these styles through our website:

Here are links of the items:

$6.85 for Fashionable False Pocket Design Thicken Cotton Checked Shorts

$9.40 for Preppy Style Special Print Loose Fit Denim Shorts

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Make Good Use Of the Hair Accessories!

Girlshave you found yourself in a situation where no matter how you style your hair, it seems like it is just your bad hair day and it won’t go the way you want it? 
Why not try using hair accessories and instantly change the look of your hair and your overall appearance in the process? 
You see it is just a matter of picking up the right hair accessories for you and you need not spend a lot of money unlike going to a hair salon for a hair make-over that would only last a few months. 
What do you think?

From cuts, dyes and styles to high-end products, most female tend to spend a lot of time and effort on their hairThat is the fun of being a girl because where beautification is concerned, the possibilities are endless. 
Have fun making your pretty hair accessories even prettier by a few attachments.

If you like them, check them out:

$3.13 for Sweet Style and Ladylike Lace Embellished Hair Band

$4.80 Graceful Style Leopard Bowknot Square Shape Embellished Hair Band

$5.88 for Fashion Style Faux Pearl Embellished Butterfly Shape Hair Band 

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You are sure to find one or two or even more that you will like and will go well with your hair!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ladylike & Sexy: Off-The-Shoulder

Off-the-shoulder is slowly becoming the must-have fashion item of the moment.
 After a long winter of covering up, are you eager to show off your perfect skin, shapely legs? 
slender shoulders? Are you wondering how you can show some skin in the perfect way without going overboard?

Hey, lovely girls, off-the-shoulder is absolutely your choice! 
Whether completely exposed or veiled with transparent netting, wearing those off-the-shoulders are a sexy trend that nearly everyone can embrace. 

Wonderful, am I right?

Now I have to ask you something hard here, girls: Which of these off-the-shoulders is your favorite?

$6.62 for Slim Fit Eagle Pattern Off-The-Shoulder Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

$6.62 for Scoop Neck Off-The-Shoulder Design Short Sleeve T-Shirt With Dress

$8.69 for Stylish Style Off-The-Shoulder Design Stud Embellished Shirt

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wardrobe Essentials—Black Pumps

Classic black pumps are a must-have for any wardrobe—you'll be able to wear them for years, and they won't go out of style. They make your legs look long and lean, and are also appropriate for multiple occasions. What’s more, they go stylishly with various clothing styles, from trendy jumpsuits to casual jeans, sophisticated dress pants to pretty cocktail dresses. 
Adding high heel pumps can turn the most casual outfit to an ultra-chic look. So if you feel you need a dash of glam then heeled pumps are the way to go! Just take a long look at the gorgeous Anne Hathaway in her black pumps if you need any further convincing.
Dolls, what do you think? Do you like those babies? Now, it’s your choice to decide whether save yourself from what-to-wear moments or not.
Check them out:

$14.78 for Party Pumps With Patent Leather Candy Color Stiletto Heel Design

$22.35 for Party Patent Leather Spring Pumps With Bowknot and Platform Design

$22.58 for Party Spring Pumps With Suede Leopard Print and Round Toe Design

$26.24 for Party Pumps With PU Leather Tassels Rhinestone Design

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vigor In Floral Prints!

Do you think the Gossip Girl represents the fashion? 
What do you think Queen Blair or Leighton Meester in floral prints? Vigorously? Lovely? Gorgeous? Elegant?

Fashion’s ongoing love affair with floral prints continues for spring 2013. Floral prints are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of spring. Are you ready to embrace your inner lady with floral print skirts or dresses? This season’s floral prints come in soft pastel colors or vibrant hues, all of which are some variation of the garden theme.
Will you be wearing a colorful skirt this season? 
Let us know, and be sure to shop special deals on these styles through our website

$10.78 for Vintage Style Large Hem Floral Print Skirt

$5.93 for Sweet Printing Ruffle Design A-Line Skirt

$6.85 for Sweet Tiny Floral Print Elastic Waist Ruffle Chiffon Skirt 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taylor Swift in Cross Body Bags!

Although someone thinks that the cross-body bags show the least femininity, the worn diagonally straps, in reality, create a curvy figure by transferring others’ attention from shoulders to your hip. You can see how it works for Taylor Swift. Perfect! Right?

The most appealing aspect of a cross-body is that the diminutive size prevents you from lugging around more stuff than you need. Added bonus, lots of them come with detachable straps, or straps that you can stash inside the bag, which means they'll also double as a clutch. Do you love it? Do you want to own a cross-body bag?
 What do you think, dolls? Are you having cross-body bag lust? Will you check these babies out?

$9.33 for Cross-body Bag With Pom-Poms and Faux Fur Design

$18.16 for Vintage Stylish Cross-body Bag With Candy Color and Buckle Design

$18.60 for Elegant PU Leather Cross-body Bag Openwork and Solid Black

Which one is your favorite? PLUS...more hot cross-body bags!

Jeans, never go out of style!

Tired of dresses? Intend to experience different styles? Want to discover new things about yourself? Jeans can meet your requirement! Jeans, with its unique style, always reflect a classical and elegant fashion. Someone once said:” Nothing defines the waist or lengthens of the leg better than jeans.” So jeans are a necessary list in a girl’s wardrobe. Do you have any? If you don’t, what are you waiting for? CLICK and choose one!
Only dresses can underline best femininity and beauty. Who said that? Nonsense! Sheathy jeans can be self-styled and shows your perfect figure as well as dresses.

Following are some links of the item:

$14.22 for Slimming Bleached Washing Letters Print Old Design Denim Pants

$10.09 for Stylish Wear Out Hole Design Polka Dot Denim Pants
$11.70 for Modern Style Abrasion Design Solid Color Slim Fit Denim Pants

$12.40 for Laconic Breasted Design Slimming Solid Color Fleece Denim Pants

$13.31 for Retro Style High-Waist Single-Breasted Denim Pants 

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Monday, April 15, 2013

An Orange Blast for Spring

With the highly anticipated spring season just around the corner, we can almost sense the warm breeze and the high levels of energy. This season is awash in high-impact hues, and energetic orange has become one of the most popular colors of the current trends. Ladies, are your dresses still plain and dull in coloring? Do you realize that it’s a chance to update your wardrobes with fresh new pieces that are in line with the 2013 fashion trends? Make Your Move!
I know what you're thinking, dolls: Orange!? Really!? I'm too shy/pale/comfortable in my neutral zone to even consider such a bizarre color move...BUT trust me, there's a way for every woman on the planet to wear the right-this-minute shade.
What do you think, ladies? Are you willing to give orange a chance? Would you try it out subtly, with an accessory, or are you just plain anti? You never know how you look in orange until you try it on! Do not hesitate to make the attempt!

Following are the links of them:

$10.32 for Casual Color Splicing Long Sleeve Cotton Dress (With Belt)

$11.01 for Solid Color With Belt Shoulder Design Sleeveless Cotton Blend Dress

$10.02 for Laconic Tote Bag With Candy Color PU and Metal Design

$14.78 for Party Pumps With Patent Leather Candy Color Stiletto Heel Design

$6.79 for Elegant Faux Pearl Rhinestone Embellished Short Necklace

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sporty Fashion

Wonderful spring is around, how could you stay at home? Hey, it’s time to take a walk with your friends in the sunshine! If you enjoy warm sunshine, you’ll love the fashion Sporty styles from
Casual sport suit with simple sneakers and a shoulder bag, which makes you comfortable and never be far away from fashion.
These Sporty looks fit you so much when you do your daily exercise, take a short trip or go shopping. You just can not miss the best chance to get one suit or, as I think, get a new style set!
What are you waiting for?

New items of active wear with different kind of style, we’re sure you can always find one suits yourself.
Check the links of some items:

Only $18.35 for the Orange Cotton Blend Sports Suit:

Only $17.76 for the Beige Canvas Women's Platform Shoes: 

Only $24.26 for the Brown Casual Women's Shoulder Bag

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