Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sweet Watermelon Red

In summer, what’s your favorite fruit? 
I believe that watermelon is the answer of most people. Am I right? 
Now, another question, have you ever thought about dressing yourself like a watermelon
Oh, no, don’t misunderstand me; I am not talking about the shape but the color. 
Watermelon red, a kind of refreshing and eye-catching color, is a popular trend in fashion field. 
Dress yourself in watermelon red, not only can make you look refreshing, but also can help you catch eyes on the street.
Image someone dresses herself in all watermelon red, from dress to bag to shoes, even the brooch, what does she look like? 
Do you want to try all watermelon red or mix other color? Which is your favorite thing in watermelon, dresses? Vests? T-shirts? Bags? Shoes? Or accessories? 
Share your opinions with us…

$8.47 U-Shaped Metal Embellished Puff Sleeve Chiffon Blouse

$9.85 Elastic Waist Irregular Hem Solid Color Sundress

$10.02 Crossbody Bag With Tassels 

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