Monday, December 26, 2016

Four Fashion Trends of 2017 That You Cannot Miss

Hello there!2017 is around the corner. Although there is freezing cold outside, “if winter comes, can spring be far behind? That means the clothes in your wardrobe need to be changed:P So lets discover some 2017 fashion trends that you cant miss!

1. Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees is the one of the simplest fashion item, it makes your dull dark coat cuter as an inside item. Although it always make an lovely impression, if you matches the graphic tee with a bust skirt and a string of necklace, it can also be feminine.

2. Lace Up Sweaters

There is no need to emphasize how popular the lace up sweater is in 2016. This trend first appeared on the fashion scene, then it sweep the whole world! And this trend will be continue in the next year. So how about jump on the lace up sweater trend?

3. Bold Earrings          

Earrings is an fantastic fashion item that makes your whole outfit stand out. Simple earrings may very popular over a period of time, but the bold earrings may become the new fashion trend in 2017. 

4. Mini Bags

Soon, we will goodbye to the harsh winter and warm welcome to the spring, which means you goodbye to the heavy big bag and change a mini and delicate one! Mini bags are the favorite of the fashion runway, you need one!

Mini Bags

What do you think of these fashion trends? Which one do you like, which you cannot agree? Share your ideas in the comments with me. Anyway, don forget to catch the latest fashion trend and get some new items at!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Let the knee boots accompany you for the winter

From the last year, Over the knee boots had begun to become the focus of fashion circle. This season, whether T stage or street, knee boots can be seen everywhere. A pair of knee boots can make you look like a queen, providing excellent warmth as well as elongated leg lines visually. Such a winter popular hot things, how can you miss it ?

I’m afraid that Julia Robbery's patent leather image in the "pretty woman" has become a classic. I believe every woman who loves beauty wants to be a man's dream lover just like "pretty woman"’s Julia Roberts. So in this cold winter, you absolutely need a pair of knee high boots.

Follow me , Let's find some good matches from the street shot.

 1. Knee high boots + Over-sized Sweater

This collocation method is very easy to control, and is also the most comfort and freestyle. Of course may be you can find your favorite knee high boost at here.

2.Crop coat + Knee high boots

As to short girls, a pair of knee high boots can make you look taller visually. At the same time, short coat can also play the effect of elongated height

3. Overcoat + Knee high boots 

Matching a long coat, which can keep you warmer in this cold winter as well as more stylish. 

4. Sweater dress + knee high boots

A simple sweater can make you look very minimalist style, The length of the sweater should be to reach the middle thigh, to seamless connection with your boots. Simple and stylish

5.Biker jacket + knee high boots

You can also match your boots with a Leather biker jacket, which could make you look more neutral style.Knee length brings a more comprehensive and warm care for girls.

Of course you can find all these latest clothes at 

Please continue to pay attention to our blog, we will bring you more trendy collocation method

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Customers Reviews From Sammydress

Hey, guys! Remember the bloggers review I’ve written before? Recently I was really surprised when I view the reviews from sammydress customers. They look amazing in our clothes! Just like professional fashion bloggers. I’m eager to share some fantastic reviews with you.

The first review is from Sylwia. Quite familiar with this coat, right? Yeah, I’ve recommend a similar practical one before(“Outfit Ideas From Sammydress Bloggers” if you are intersted):P I love the way she matching the coat. I have to say a coat like this is super easy to match! Add with a mock neck sweater and a ripped jeans,simple but charming!  Ladies, you need one coat like this! Put it on, beat the coat and stay fashion.

Camel Coat + Ripped Jeans + Mock Neck Sweater(Actually you can also match with a Lace Up Sweater, definitely cool)

Then let me recommend an inside item for you. A blouse review from AnyaProsto, an elegant lady. You think it is just an ordinary blouse? How about the neck line of this blouse? It perfectly shows your collarbone, sexy but not raffish. Don’t worry about the cold weather, just matching with a overcoat like last camel one I recommended.

A denim jacket will be never out of fashion. Here is an review from Natalia. Natalia is such a beautiful lady, and this look made her even cuter. Denim jackets are the best because you can wear them with literally anything. They usually lend a casual vibe to any outfit, but they can also be dressed up a little bit. They’ll keep you warm without suffocating you, and they don’t cover up the rest of your cute outfit – in fact, they can usually make an outfit even cuter. It’s definitely an wardrobe essential fashion item.

Denim Jacket + Leggings

Last review is from a gentleman,Stef. The blazer and jeans look is a classic so you can be quite confident you’ll look good. The inside items could be a T shirt, a shirt or a round neck jumpers with shirt inside just like Stef. Try some Subtle accessories such as a neck tie or a pair of braces which can add a pop of color if wearing plain colours.
Casual Blazers + Jean

Some tips of wearing blazers:
1. Fit is the most essential thing when it comes to wearing a blazer. One that’s too small or too    big will look awful regardless of the cost.
2. Don’t wear pattern on pattern. If your shirt is a little on the ‘loud’ side then contrast with a subdued blazer.
3. Distressed jeans are great addition and are a key trend this year.

Do you like this reviews? Actually there are many great customer reviews, maybe they will meet you in the next customer reviews blog.  You can also upload your fantastic pictures on our site:) Hope you guys have a great week!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Be a bad boy, let denim build your yuppie style

Be a bad boy, let denim build your yuppie style

As a symbol of American leisure clothing, denim jacket originated in 1950s. In the gold rush era, miners, cowboys and railway workers are all engaged in very heavy physical labor, working in the mine, logging would always worn clothes. So they hoped to have a wear-resistant and durable coat. Gradually, this kind of coat became popular among miners. Bingo! This is what we called denim jacket nowadays. Then in the 60s and 70s of last century, denim jacket was worn by hippies in anti war protests and rock music festival. By this time, denim coat finnaly popular among celebrities, becoming an indispensable trend item.

  But why the denim jacket is so popular? The reason is very simple. Denim jackets are easily mathced with other outfits and are suitable for almost any informal occasion. 
     Follow me, let's look at how to match a denim jacket in this winter.

1.Match your new coat

    Many people are always hesitate whether or not to wear a overcoat in the winter, because they just think that the legs look shorter when wearing long coat. But there is a really very simple way to address your worry. Taking a denim jacket inside your long suit or overcoat. This method can stretch your legs visually. Very simple, right? Both stylish and warm.

2.Do not forget your shirt and necktie

      Denim jacket can also match your necktie, looking business and yuppie.

3.Take it inside

       In addition to the outside wear, denim jacket can also be a very good inside item. Denim jacket can increase multi-tier visual effect, and also very suitable for cold weather

4.Fleece lined denim jacket--Sherpa Jacket

       In order to resist the cold winter.Over the years, denim jacket has also been some changes, there have been some other styles.Today we want to introduce this kind of sherpa jacket, which is fleece lined.Characterized by very excellent thermal insulation.

Let’s see our big handsome guy Beckham

Of curese you can find these trendy items on

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Outfit Ideas From Sammydress Bloggers

Hi guys! How are you? Hope you have a great weekend! Today I bring some fantastic blogger reviews(winter looks) from Let’s see the outfit ideas from fashion bloggers.  Enjoy them:)

Floral Coat Orange Jerseys 

Maribel Martín, a graceful fashion blogger. This coat matches her temperament perfectly. This floral coat looks quite flirtatious. It is long but with prefect fitted waist. This look appeals me because it is quite feminine. Are you tired of wearing solid color coat? This floral coat will be a great choice!
Here is the review about sammydress:

Vintage Dress + Quilted Coat

Katerina Lozovaya . This look to shows how to wear a vintage dress in a different way. Ive never think about that a vintage dress could be that lovely until I see the look from Katerina ! The color collision creates a dramatic beautiful, isnt it? Love this look! Oh by the way, she is also good at write female psychology in her blog if you are interested.
Here is the review about sammydress:

 Biker Jacket(similar one at sammydress) + Tie Front Skirt +  Thigh High Boots

 Marina Abramović, a cool fashion blogger from CroatiaWhen we talk about biker jackets, the first word come to our mind is “cool”. But is that all? 
Black and grey doesn't have to look boring, especially in this combination with tie front skirt it looks effectively and this oversize ”.vintage leather jacket gives roughness, but when matches with the tie front skirt, that’s different. 
Here is the review about sammydress:

Camel-Orange Coat + Floral Blouse + Khaki Pant

Minimalissmo from Poland, a graphic designer who is passionate about fashion. The overcoat looks quite simple, but it is well-cut. I love that she added a floral blouse that matches the overcoat perfectly!  It makes this whole looks simple but elegant. What do you think? 
Here is the review about sammydress:

Do you like these looks? Which is your favorite one? Hope the article can help you in matching clothes. You can also tell me how you match your clothes in comments:P 

Have a great week!