Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway,5 Winners! Ends on 4/21!!

Hey Friends, The Easter Egg Hunt contest has ended. Be sure to enter another contest in May! 

Congratulations!  The 5 lucky winners are:

Edyta C:   Sblog2014042201 (gift card)
Tanya Soyer: Sblog2014042202 (gift card)
Jemima: Sblog2014042203 (gift card)
Entenda de Moda: Sblog2014042204 (gift card)
Camille L: Sblog2014042205 (gift card)

The gift cards Expires on May 8th.


1. Watch out for the 19 easter egg designs above. Each of the eggs is hidden on  1-3 different product pages.    

2. The clue is right there: hunt the eggs based on their designs.      For example, with the mustache easter egg, search for ‘mustache’ at!

You can also join in our massive giveaway on other platforms like TwitterFacebookGoogle+, PinterestYoutube and so on.  Good luck and have fun!!                                            


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2. Comment on this post with the product link where you found 
an Easter Egg.

Prizes: 5 lucky Easter winners will win a cool $50 gift card each.  The deadline is Apr 21.

BTW, look forward to our next massive giveaway in May! The prizes never stop at Sammydress!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sammydress Getaway Giveaway! One week, one winner! $50 Gift Card each!

Sammydress Getaway Giveaway

Hello everyone! The contest has ended.We have announced 3 Lucky Winners. Be sure to enter another contest at the beginning of Apr, 2014! Looking forward to your participation!!! Expired Apr 27th.

Congratulations! 3 Lucky winners:

Rimshah  Kay:  Sblog2014031301
Elera Marie Joaquin: Sblog2014032001
Lola Antón:  Sblog20140327001 

From Head to Heels, Sammydress has you covered this Spring!  

We have gorgeous breezy dresses for the getaway, chic flats to keep your feet on the ground and jackets in divine denim to relax in style.

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2.Leave your dream outfit ideas about sammydress for spring break as comments.

Prize: 3 lucky winners will be chosen at random for $50 gift card each! Expires 3/27/14. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spring 2014: Lacey Black & White dress calling

Lace has one of the most distinctive and graceful looks, with its timeless, feminine charm, and the style of pure elegance. It can transform any piece instantly from bland to beautiful inspiration. 
The lace dress is a must-have piece to add to any woman’s wardrobe: style perfection made easy for any occasion.
Lace dresses can be black or white. With its mono appeal, seemingly designed for easy mix and match, you can never go wrong with black and white! Year after year, it remains a classic choice for a naturally chic look!
If your wardrobe is clear of lace, change that now!