Sunday, November 27, 2016

Scarf = Warm + Fashion

Hello there! The weather is getting cold, however fashion never end with the frozen air. So today how about discover a warm and trendy accessory with me?
When I talk about warm, the first thing comes to my mind is scarf. Actually, the origin of scarves can be traced to ancient Rome, where they were not used as fashion accessories but as “sweat cloths” to wipe sweat from the face and neck in hot weather. But today you don’t have to sweat it, so scarves have become a woman’s best friend when it comes to making a fashion statement on a daily basis.
Dark color scarves:

There is no need to emphasize how popular the dark color scarf is. Dark color always match with the high fashion. Camel, taupe, black, gray... Trust me the dark color scarf will never be a wrong choice!
Bright color scarves:

When you are in a dull coat, wearing a bright color scarf will make the outfit more appealing. It is really refresh our eyes, isn’t it?
Plaid scarves:

The classic plaid scarf for me is Burberry Scarf. Comparing with former scarves I’ve mentioned before, plaid scarf is more unisex. It can be feminine as well as cool.
In a word, a scarf is without a doubt one of the simplest yet chicest of accessories. Here are the items you may like:
Gray Scarf | Pink Scarf
More scarves please click Here

It very important to choose a prefect scarf, but what matters more is how you wear the scarf. Here are two ways of wearing scarves. Super cool! Hope you’ll like it!

Now, beat the cold weather with your fashion scarves!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Get In Line with winter’s Military Trend !


 Get In Line with winter’s Military Trend !

Today, if you talk about "Fashion" then you absolutely can't avoid the word of "bomber jacket".From the most classic Alpha Industries to UNIQLO, from the tide brand to sports brand, which all have MA-1's silhouette. The autumn and winter of 2016,both major brands show or major Fashion Week Street, bomber jacket heat like a rocket, which have became the hottest fashion items. 
        But what exactly is MA-1? why it is so popular? It should be how to match with other fashion item, and what style is worth recommending? Follow me buddy.

What exactly is MA-1 ?

The MA-1 bomber jacket(also know as the MA-1 flight jacket) is an American military jacket which was first developed in the mid 1950s. The MA-1 and its predecessor, the B-15 flight jacket, were originally developed and needed at that time because the emergence of the Jet Age created new requirements for pilot performance, safety, and comfort.

later, as the war spread, MA-1 jacket gradually changed the material, zipper, pocket part and so on, until World  War II, because of tight supplies, MA-1 fabric changed from leather fabric to a more cheap nylon, MA-1's predecessor B-15 jacket appeared, Monroe Marilyn had been wearing this jacket to encourage the soldiers in Korean War..

The unique design of the neckline

To adapt knitted collar. so that it is close to the neck with a warm function, compared with the previous B-15, it will not affect the pilot wearing a helmet and will not interfere with the carrying and use of the umbrella.

Waterproof & Windproof Nylon Fabric  

MA-1's fabric was developed by the United States DuPont, which is specially used for the production of MA-1. It's features are: high density, windproof and waterproof, comfortable and warm, suitable for 10 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees in the wet climate conditions.

The Use of orange lining

Starting in 1960, the clothes are lined with orange.Once the pilot landed after the escape, as long as they anti wear jacket to leakage recognizable orange, like wearing a life jacket, which can easier to let the air search and rescue personnel to find them.

The cuff thread pack design

Design of funnel type screw thread, which can lock the cuffs, ensure the wind and warm clothes.

Multifunction Pocket

The pocket on the left side of the arm is designed for the pilot to put a pen and a cigarette.Now it has become the remarkable characteristic of MA-1.

Why is it so popular?

1.    MA-1's design is very classic and vintage, which have many color and style, and extremely all-match, no matter what size of body can easily match other clothes.
2. Comfortable, durable, adapt to various climate change
3. Different collocation, can wear a different style
4. MA-1 is often weared by domestic and international stars

My favorite Kanye:


How to match?

1>. Common wear method

Pull up the zipper, which can show a tough guy style


2>. It's reversible

MA-1 can wear on both sides to leackge it’s eye-catching orang , which can also show your unique own style.

  3>.Method for wearing Oversize

 4>. Hoodies +MA-1


Of course you can find these on Sammydress.

Classic style Bomber Jacket           Slim style Bomber Jacket


Gray Hoodies                                 GasMonkely hoodies


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trendsetter?Put On Your Activewear Buddy

In recent years, active wear is gradully walk out from gym,which is not just one thing limited in gym anymore.The times have changed and now wearing sporty clothing has turned into an ''outside of the gym'' kind of a trend. Wearing a legging and matching a sneaker. Putting on your favorite hoodies, and dont forget your Baseball cap.You will immediately become a fashion trendsetter.
Lets see our big hero “Wolverine” Hugh Jackmans street snap.


Zipper Sport jacket  + Sports legging & Shorts + Sneaker
Arranged with the colour of Black and Gray, Which let Wolverine look more color-coordinated as well as neat, leisure and fashion.

Then lets see our FIFA World Player David Beckham street snap.


OK..We have to admit that good body really still need to use sports to maintain.
Wool cap + hoodies + Sport Shorts + sneaker
Baseball cap + Sports vest + Sport Shorts + sneaker

Whether it is wool cap or baseball cap can make you look more spiritual and can improve the level of your clothes collocation, which match a baseball cap a pair of sneaker.OK , you are a next Beckham.But remember to keep exercising dear.Here are some items maybe your wish:

Quick Dry T-Shirt(here) |  Hoodies(here)


Baseball Cap(here)  |  Sneaker(here)
 So,Let’s put on our hoodies and baseball cap.Believe yourself that you can be next street trendsetter.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bomber Jacket Trend

Hey, guys. Today,lets talk about bomber jacket things.
Bomber jacket, a fashion trend that you’ll never ignore. These cool jackets will definitely refresh you when leather jacket appears a little bit boring. 
Trust me, Bomber is a great jacket alternative. Cause it super easy to match.

                       (Gigi Hadid&Kendall Jenner)
The simplest match: a bomber +A legging+a crop sweater+A sneaker.  Tips: attche  more focus on color matching. 
There are items you may interested in: 


Another looking is also from Gigi Hadid. 
If you are not the youthful look follower, this looking may appeals you more.

A bomber jacket + a slip dress+ A High boots
This look shows femininity completely. From this look, bomber is not only cool but sexy and charming.
I found similar one from



So which look do you prefer? Let me see your answers in comments.
A simple bomber jacket, we can get different styles by matching different clothes, quite practical, right? Therefore, owning at least one bomber jacket might just be a late fall investment. 
We sammydress also offered various kinds of bomber jacket:


Find more bomber Click here
So, come and find your own style at!