Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Share Your Halloween Memories Contest has ended! Check to see if your name on the list. Be sure to enter another contest at the beginning of Nov!

Share Your Halloween Memories Contest

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter our another contest at the beginning of Nov!We will announce the codes of the gift cards that the 8 winners get at the same time. Expries Nov.14th. 

3 special Winners: 
  • Geraldyne: Blog20131031001 ($60)
  • Gabriela Oliveira: Blog20131031002 ($40)
  • Celine Gould: Blog20131031003 ($25)
5 lucky winners($15 for each):
  • Meena: Blog20131031004
  • Nanda Pires: Blog20131031005
  • Patrycja P: Blog20131031006
  • Nyxia: Blog20131031007
  • Anonymous(Jessiemer ABing): Blog20131031008
The 8 winners make sure to check that particular inbox,please!

1. Follow us on blog: sammydressblog.blogspot.com. 
2. Leave your Halloween Memories and email(s)(including register email on sammydress.com) as Comment(s) Below!

Prizes: $200 in prizes for 8 winners!
3 winners will be selected by Sammydress' team for special halloween memories.
1st Prize:$60. 2nd Prize:$40. 3nd Prize:$25.
5 lucky winners will be chosen at random for $15 each!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Discover Sammydress World Contest has ended! Winners: Kat E. and livingbelowtheclouds.

Discover Sammydress World Contest!

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter our another contest on Oct.15th!
Winners: Kat E. and  livingbelowtheclouds.
The Gift cards' code: Blog20131016001 & Blog20131016002.
Notes: Only can used by the 2 winners. Gift Cards Valisity Time: Until Oct.30th.

We invite you to come and discover a new world of possibilities.
2 lucky winners will be selected randomly!
Prize: $30 gift card, and all the participants can get a 9% off coupon! Code: SammydressWolrdends on Oct.18th!

Easy steps to win:
1. Follow us on blog: sammydressblog.blogspot.com.
2. Leave the links(s) of what you discovered from www.sammydress.com as comments.
Contest ends on: Oct.15th. Good luck and have fun.