Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Name The Outfit Contest has ended.Winner: Aimyloves. Be sure to enter our another contest on Oct.7th!

Name The Outfit Contest!

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter our another contest on Oct.7th!
And what do you want to win from our contest, dress or something else? Leave what you want to win as comments. You have a chance to win what you want.

Winning Outfit Name: Enchanted fairytale
Winner: Aimyloves
The winning name on the outfit will be on here:

Besides, if you got any good idea on our contest, feel free to speak it out by leaving comments.

Easy Steps to win: 
1. Follow us on blog:
2. Leave your entry as a comment below (as many times as you like) and the winner who give the most suitable name will be selected on 4th,Oct! Get creative!

Notes: If the same name appeared, we will choose the first person who enter the name as winner.

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