Thursday, September 29, 2016

Spotted: “Pants” + “Boots”/“High Heels”

In Autumn, most girls are still complying with matching boots with a legging while its a hackneyed way of wearing and is not offering anything new. Whether the jeans suit the boots well too? Or Probably you will find jeans, by which the leggings will be substitute set your boots off.
Cropped jeans + Ankle boots

Though the cropped jeans have always been an icon of fashion, its especially popular this year. It is the ideally style of pants to apply when matching with a pair of Ankle boots since the cropped pants will cover the length of whole leg while only exposing a slim ankle.

Zipper Ankle boot(here) - Studded Ankle Boot(here)

Some girls rolling up the pants since it covered the ankle due to the length. It is sometimes inappropriatesince since it makes your leg fat and short when you wear it with a loose boots. Its will be much better to collocate a cropped jeans with a leg boots or an ankle boots and roll the pants up to the length that exposing just a little of your ankle. 
Like what the model shows below.

Pointed Boots + Trumpet Pants
Some vintage pants such Trumpet pants is a prevalent item this year. Covering the boots with the your trumpet pants will make your leg seems longer so it doesn’t matter what you are actually wearing on your fee. But the partly visible Pointed boots will make you more feminine.

Trumpet pants + High Heels
When it comes to Spring and Summer and its time to get rid of the boots. A match of trumpet pants and high is highly recommended. Below is how Sammydress’ model deducing it. 

Flare Pants(here) - White High Heels(here

More options of fashion clothings:

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sammydress Reviews From Leticia

As we all know, most of the ladies will be in favor of eye catching color to match 
their own clothes,I think red color is the first choice for many girls. Red is a representative of hope and warm, what do you think? 
  Recently, I have been looking for a match style about shirts and skirtsI find a fashion blogger from Brazil, her name is Leticia Oliveira, she prefers to writing some articles of trend outfits, if you are interested can look at her blogPlease check the website: she wrote a post about red shirts and skirts( 
Now, I am can’t wait for showing some picture about the outfits from sammydress. 
 “A Sammydress é mais uma loja cheia de peças lindas e com preço, óbvio, maravilhoso! Vocês já conheciam? Estava esperando esse look chegar para verificar e eu amei a qualidade, a saia tirei três dedos e ainda assim ficou linda. A blusa sem cometários, amo o mix de cores e o bracelete mustache é o acessório fofo do look” She  said.

Last but not least, sammydress have some promotion sale in this month, you can find huge selection of fashionable shirts and skirts with great discounts , welcome to shopping!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Off Shoulder Trend

The off shoulder has become a phenomenon unlike anything we have seen before. Not that much fashion can live for long, however rather than eventually die, the off shoulder fashion has derived into even more style including cut-out, one shoulder, strappy counterparts and so on. As we saw that bunch of fashion blogger worn OFF shoulder style tops showing off their sexy shoulders and clavicle, no doubt this style will keep leading the trend for a while. 

Sammydress has also published several instyle tops fulfilling customers’ purchasing needs. Fortunately we could have one of the fashion bloggers try them on and give valuable reviews to the product:

The off shoulder top trend is slowly taking over our summer wardrobes. At first they were highlighted during Fashion Week, on the spring 2016 runways. However, now they are seen as the go-to style tops for summer.

As mentioned before, the off shoulder top can be seen everywhere around the world. The street-style stars are wearing this fresh silhouette top on repeat during summer. After all, showing off your shoulders can be quite sexy. However, this is the perfect trend to try if you want to show a little bit of skin without looking vulgar.

I also believe that this hot trend is perfect for a lot of occasions, such as: festivals, dates, and so on. Furthermore, the off shoulder top is extremely versatile. It works with almost anything from our wardrobes, from culottes to mini A line skirts. If you wish to make a statement, opt for a flowy voluminous one which will drag all the attention on you. The good thing is that they can be found in a lot of styles. Also, the market variety is really huge. Without a doubt, it’s really hard not to empty our bank accounts with so many beautiful options.

As for today, I wore this white cotton blends top in a sophisticated look. Can you believe that the top costs only 6$? Well, I also had a jaw drop when I saw that price.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it would look great with a silk scarf. Lately, I definitely have a thing for french knotted scarves. They always give a Parisian chic vibe to our outfits. So, why not try them out? How do you style your off shoulder tops babes? 


Are you ready placing yourself under the spotlight of the public?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Solid Color Coat - Sammydress Reivews

Hi, Ladies, let’s talk about the coats that we must have in the wardrobe today. As usual, I would introduce several fashion blogger who good at dress matching, hope you enjoy that!
Margarita Maslova is a designer, blogger and fashion-lover from Moscow, writes about daily outfits, fashion news, beauty and style inspiration. We had a very pleasant cooperation with Margarita in the last year, she is friendly and efficient, oh, I like this elegant Russian girls. The yellow coat Margarita worn is from, you can find similar one in here

Oriane is a beninese blogger, and speak/write in french & english, moved in New York to follow her dream now. Oriane is very optimistic and have her own unique thoughts. Grey coat is very suit for her, gray represents the gentle and elegance as safety color, it’s safe but not easy to outstanding, Oriane is one of several ladies who feature the gray coat perfectly.

Solid Color Coat is one of essential coat every women have, but it’s difficult to choose the suitable color for oneself. Every year there will be a popular color, yellow, red, camel, etc. Compared with the pursuit of popular, it’s more important to find the your color. Margarita find yellow, Oriane find gray, Did you find your color? 

Open below links to follow Margarita and Oriane:

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sammydress Reviews From Eleonora Pellini

    Travel is a best way to relax your body and heart, but ladies are always concerned about whether they chose the right outfits when traveling. I think that comfortable suits and sandals is our priorities in summer, what is your ideas? whatever you want, Sammydress can offer you a lot of choices , Not only has a wide variety of skirts, but also have a lot of sandals.
    Today, we would like introduce a travel and fashion blogger , Eleonora Pellini, she writes about travel and fashion both in Italian. She selected two pieces in, including a sleeveless romper and a pair of  lace up sandals. Let us take a look at Eleonora's photos.

  "a tuta è morbida e ha due pratiche tasche davanti. Allacciata al collo, lascia la schiena scoperta. I sandalini con i pon-pon sono il trend di stagione: a molti già sono venuti a noia, a me no! (occhi a cuore). Il cappello l’ho preso qui, da Amalfi, come piccolo ricordino della vacanza." She said.


    There is no denying the fact that sammydress can offers you many products with a cheap price, if you interested in more similar dress and lace up sandals, please check our webesite(!
    There are many travel posts wrote by Eleonora Pellini, you can see them from here:
The review about sammydress: 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Semi Formal Dress

Hey, how are you? Recently, I feel trouble about these formal dresses that I just worn one or twice, as I’m rarely have chance to wear again and have to put them in my wardrobe. So I’m thinking what if buy a semi formal dress next time? I can dress it both in formal occasion and dailylife. Actually I would like to know how do you guys deal with this problem?Thinking about semi formal dress, I remembered two piece of dress that we sent to bloggers and would like to share with you. 
The cobalt blue dress worn by Caz on the carpet, at a price of $26, is quite thick which makes the dress ideal for the colder months. It’s also absolutely okay to wear it for shopping or work. Caz is living on London, follow her blogger( and know more.

The lady in red lace dress is Nery Hdez, she like the combinations of pearls and red, look what she said,“It is a red lace dress of SammyDress, with volume on the bottom. It's really useful, as a short dress we can also use it for summer events such as weddings and graduations.” This red lace dress was sold out now, but you can find similar one here.


Which dress do you prefer? Let me know your thoughts.See you last Monday, have a nice day!
Caz’s reviews about sammydress:
Nery’s reviews about sammydress:

Monday, September 5, 2016

Sammydress Reviews: Bomber Jackets Or Casual Blazer?

Bomber jackets and casual blazer are both essential fashion items in Fall, they can easily teamed with many pieces, and never go out of fashion. Today, I want to talk about how to wear a bomber jacket or casual blazer, so I selected two fashion bloggers and will introduce one of their fashion outfits.   
Bomber Jackets, most people like to make it as casual wear, but Diana Soars(@abreapestana) show we a different style that how to wear a bomber jackets in office. Feather Printed Bomber Jacket, white shirt matched with black pants, you can totally wear them and go to work, pay attention to the small chain bag and pointed toe heels she chooses, that is the reason why this outfits is successful.

Daniela Salsa, 26 years old blogger, living in Portugal. I choose her looks to show how to wear a casual blazer, because I really appreciate her attitude to life. Follow her blog(, which is not limited fashion, and refer to food,coffee,traveling,photography. Look at her choices: white tops, blue jeans and the long black blazer with tote bags, do you like this looks?

Diana and Daniela, whose outfits do you like better? I would like to know your thoughts. And hope this post have some help for you, thanks for reading.

Diana’s reviews about sammydress:
Daniela’s reviews about sammydress: