Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Watches Are Being Replaced by Phone?

Nowadays, watches have seemed redundant thanks to the ubiquity of the one-device-includes-all smart phone. 
Ladies, are you wearing a watch?
 Or will you wear a watch
Do you think that cell phones gonna take the place of watches
It seems will, but it won’t happen! Since that same piece of technology draws attention back to our constantly texting fingers and wrists, the appeal of a watch today may now lie more in it being an eye-coaxing accessory than a necessary time tool.
 Am I right? Do you agree?

Believe or not, a watch can set the tone for your look and can be transformed from day to day depending on how you style it. 
Dolls, will you wear these watches
Or how often do you wear your watches
Do you think watches are being replaced by the phone? DISCUSS

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