Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Share Your Halloween Memories Contest has ended! Check to see if your name on the list. Be sure to enter another contest at the beginning of Nov!

Share Your Halloween Memories Contest

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter our another contest at the beginning of Nov!We will announce the codes of the gift cards that the 8 winners get at the same time. Expries Nov.14th. 

3 special Winners: 
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Prizes: $200 in prizes for 8 winners!
3 winners will be selected by Sammydress' team for special halloween memories.
1st Prize:$60. 2nd Prize:$40. 3nd Prize:$25.
5 lucky winners will be chosen at random for $15 each!


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  2. halloween is always fun because I admire people's creativity and love horror movies

  3. I remember one time my aunt was having a Halloween party and my costume was Clifford. i had this huge red suit with paws and everything and Clifford’s head was basically my hat (my face was in his mouth really) and I was so excited about the costume and the idea of the party but when I got to the party I was really embarrassed :( hahaha then was a pumpkin battle :D really fun! :D :D D My email dii.sky@hotmail.com

  4. I live in a small town here in the Philippines so there are no Halloween parties and trick-or-treat, instead a lot of horror movies, documentaries are being shown in the television. During Halloween, I would stay up at night watch some movies and read collection of ghost stories, some are real and some are just made up but I still get a good scare. My sister and I would just eat a lot of candies and chocolates we bought at the grocery. My email is jemabainza22@gmail.com :)

  5. Even though Halloween is not an Italian feast, in my town every year there is a party. I remember when I was a kid, I usedto go there and I received always a million candy!
    Now that I'm grown up, I do not celebrate it, but I really miss this party. When I will have children i will re-discover the joy of this day and celebrate the joy of a child.

    Sorry for the english ><

    My e-mail: hilau.u@hotmail.it (registered on sammydress)

  6. my favorite halloween memory is trick or treating in my neighborhood. i got to dress up for school and then for trick or treating. there was always one house that gave out full size candy bars to we always went there first!

    email: couponbitch@yandex.com (also registered on sammydress)

  7. Here in Italy there are a million parties for this feast...when I was a kid I used to go house to house asking for candies and I received always lots of sweeties! My fav memory is when I went to a party organized by a friend of mine and everything was absolutely halloween style, decorations and food too! amazing! :)
    My email:

  8. My favorite halloween memory: together with colleagues from the class / other classes and I made a secret party in school a couple of hours we've spent all dressed and apples were delicious baked the night.


  9. My favorite Halloween me was last year, when we dressed up as Nightmare Before Christmas characters. I played Sally, my boyfriend played Jack Skelleton and his brothers and my niece dressed up has the three trick-or-treaters: Lock, Shock and Barrel. We all had tons of fun because we really got into characters and the kids were really happy!


  10. Where I live Halloween isn't a big event, but I remember when my cousin and I (ages 12 and 13) decided to go trick or treating, so we did!
    We wore witches costumes and started knocking on doors saying "trick or treating!" and our neighbors didn't know what was going on.. We had to explain to everybody what Halloween is. Obviously they didn't have any Halloween candy, so some of them gave us boxes of cookies, bars of chocolate... and I remember a really nice old lady who gave us cheese! That was really funny, and the cheese was actually very good! That was my best Halloween ever.

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  12. My mom studied cosmetology so she makes the best halloween makeup. I remember one time when I was still in highschool, 2 days before Halloween my mom was trying new makeup on me for simulating burns and cuts. That day she finished really late and I went to sleep with the make up and everything. The following day I went to school and I totally forgot about it until my profesor look at my arm with a horrible burn and lots of bruises. He asked me "What happened Gery?" and I told him that my mom made it. At that moment I didn't realized he didn't know it was makeup so he was really worried so he didn't let me explain it right away. He was in shock!! I had to start hitting the makeup so he realized it was fake. It was really funny hehe. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! :D cositagery[a]gmail.com

  13. Halloween memories are always fun for me. My favorite Halloween memory was last year's Halloween party when I dressed up as a Ghost. Before reaching the party, when I moved out of my house, many people were shocked to see me in the darkness of the night. Even my friends screamed assuming me to be a Ghost. I was dressed in white, my face was also painted white and I had red paints all over my face and body (denoting blood). I was enjoying making people frightened. Later, many people told that I was looking even more frightening in the shadowy light of the party, with the horror tune being played on in the background.

    Registered Email Id : bidishabanerjee@live.com

  14. 8 winners! Gift cards valued $200.
    3 winners will be selected by Sammydress' team for our halloween memories.
    1st Prize:$60. 2nd Prize:$40. 3nd Prize:$25.
    5 lucky winners will be chosen at random for $15 each!

  15. Hey! In Romania we don't actually celebrate Halloween but as we knew it was celebrated every year overseas, we got an option to have a party of our own! So loud music, scary costumes and so much fun is the recepy for our Halloween every year with some of my best friends!

  16. Here in Brazil we do not celebrate Halloween. But times have halloween parties. Once, one of the festivals, I was dressed in sexy pirate. Except that I fell in the bathroom and hurt my knee since I was in high heels. I had to go home and not enjoyed the party.

    email: cherrydebranco@yahoo.com.br

  17. When I was around 6, my dad would take me out for Halloween. I remember at this one house and the lady said trick, I got really confused and they told me I had to do a trick for them. Me being like 6... I didn't know any tricks.I started walking around and clapping my hands, and saying "treat now?" The lady and my dad laughed and said "not yet." I tried to do a cartwheel 'cause I saw the girls in my class doing it, it ddnt work of course, I failed horribly but I got candy so it was all good!

  18. Once on Halloween dressed as a skeleton, and together with friends so we went to school party. All was well puki not the lights went out ... I found out that the body paint which was painted in glow in the dark! Since then, people call me paillette
    Patrycja P

  19. As in Brazil, the Haloween is not so popular, I remember once I was at a party at eight years of age and had a great time dressed as a witch, but it was a makeshift costume with skirt and blouse from my grandmother and a hat ridiculous that was played in a basement back home. But the worst was that I lost my hat and took a hell of a scolding from my mother!

    E-mail: adrisousa31@yahoo.com.br

  20. Hello! I love Halloween because I celebrate it with my friends and it's always scary! We go into the wood singing and telling horror stories. It's amazing and I would love to win this giveway for buy something scary for my Halloween!
    My email is: catarina_10correia@hotmail.com and it's the same register email on sammydress.com

  21. Halloween is not very popular in Portugal but I always loved to watch scary movies with my friends and dress like creepy creatures! My best memory was when me and my besties went trick or treat and accidently, we threw a bag with eggs to a window where was a lady watching us! That was embarrassing but fun at the same time! I guess best memories come from bad ideas :)

    My email: ballerinabird@hotmail.com

  22. I remember the trick or treat and the scary movies on the tv.

  23. My best Halloween memory would have to be when I went to a haunted house park this year dressed up in a gothic Victorian demon outfit. I was so proud of that outfit because I made parts of it like a Victorian collar and painted huge horns to go on top of my head. My outfit was so eye catching and even scary that people at the park thought I was one of the actors working there! They even crowded around me to get a picture with me, which made me feel so awesome. The other actors were so nice to me and complimented me on my outfit making me surprised since I really don't get compliments on my looks very often. Halloween is basically a self esteem booster for me, and this year has been the best so far for awesome Halloween memories.
    email and registered email with sammydress: bflute10@comcast.net

  24. Here in Brazil we do not celebrate Halloween. But times have halloween parties.

  25. nair_symh@hotmail.com.
    I live in Portugal and here we don't celebrate halloween unfortunately. I would love to go to this kind of parties!!

  26. Jessiemer ABing

    Since I was a kid I dream to experience Halloween parties. But here in the Philippines, ordinary or simple life people didn't celebrate that (ofcourse that's because of the money deficiency). Until now that I'am a grown up lady, I'am still a kid hearted that will surely love to experience Halloween party.

  27. Halloween is a pretty exciting time for my family. While we don't go all out with decorations and treats like some of our neighbors, we do love the fun Halloween spirit, pun intended.
    One of my favorite memories about Halloween was the first year we took my daughter trick or treating when she was about 8. About a week before Halloween, we went out to a couple of costume stores to get my daughter a costume. As I went down the aisles picking out some costumes I thought she would like, she trailed behind picking out some of her own costumes. Once we got to the end of the store, we compared costumes. I had picked out an M&M, Tinkerbell, Snow White and fuzzy blue monster costume. She, on the other hand, had picked up a more spooky assortment: vampire cape with scary mask, grim reaper and a wolf mask. When I told her that her costumes were a little scary and maybe she should stick with one of the ones I picked, she proceeded to, in a very matter of fact tone, explain to me the origins of Halloween, which apparently they talked about in school that day.
    So, I listened to her go on about how we were supposed to look scary so that we could in turn scare away all the evil monsters out there. She then gave me one of those looks only an 8 year old can make and asked, "If I dress up like an M&M, do you really think those monsters are going to be scared? No! They'll probably eat me because come on, everyone likes M&Ms." Well, how could I argue with that? So of course, I let her buy one of her scary costumes and that Halloween she was a scary vampire and probably the only 8 year old girl that year in a non-pink costume. That was definitely a memory worth remembering!
    Email: raomeenas@gmail.com

  28. I went to a halloween party last night and I HAD A BLAST! I dressed up as a peacock and I made my own costume. Making costumes is probably my favorite part of halloween, to be honest. Being creative for that one night. I also made my other friend's costume, she went as madhatter. I just had so much with my friends (the BEST company) just dancing the night. :)

    Email: nadinefeliceco@yahoo.com

  29. email- madzia3991@interia.eu
    gfc- Magdalena Jezierska
    halloween member- I went to the disco with my friend, Everyone change casual clothes and we were very happy

  30. GFC Jessa Abing

    What I love about halloween is the never ending story telling of ghost stories. I think this is the highlight of halloween in our country plus paying a visit to those persons who passed away

  31. My best memory for halloween it was during the previous halloween it was really wonderful, I dressed as a pirate and I met children in the street they believed that I 'Johny deep' :D
    Thats was my Favorite memory about The hallowen
    Email: Khalilalaouihomey@gmail.com
    Thnx Sammydress.com

  32. email :Gab.ie@hotmail.com

    Minha melhor memória de halloween foi quando resolvi me fantasiar de zumbi em uma festa a fantasia.Li tutoriais na internet e fiz diversos cortes na pele , até que tive a brilhante ideia de fazer sangue falso com um material usado em bolos. A festa estava extremamente quente, meu sangue falso começou a escorrer,cmeu cabelo grudou em todo aquela mistura vermelha, os mosquitos começaram a me atacar, terminei a festa parecendo uma bruxa, todos gargalhavam do meu desespero enquanto eu corria ensanguentada e descabelada. No final da festa, levei a premiação de melhor fantasia. Foi hilário!

    My best memory of Halloween was when I decided to dress up as a zombie in a party fantasia.Li tutorials on internet and made several cuts in the skin , until I had the bright idea to make fake blood with a material used in cakes . The party was extremely hot , my fake blood began to drip , my hair stuck around one red blend , the mosquitoes started to attack me , I finished the party looking like a witch , everyone laughed my despair as I ran bloodied and disheveled from one side each other. At the end of the party , took the prize for best costume . It was hilarious !

  33. my favorite memory was when I was a child,and I didn't get many candies,and I didn't actually realize it,so my sister sneaked a few of my favorite snacks in before I even noticed


  34. For me Hallowween is one of my favourite holidays which I can hang out with my students and have pleasant times, playing some games and sharing the typical halloween stories!


  35. very very good.
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  36. e-mail: pamelalepletier@gmail.com

    My best memory of Halloween was when I was little and I decided to dress in costume vampire and my mother told me I could not take because it was very hot. But you know how kids are, I put my hood, my false teeth and prepared my hair. When I arrived at the party, I started to sweat a lot, my hair fell apart, broke my false teeth. I no longer looked like a vampire and to complete the master of the feast dressed vampire and he was very scary, there was blood on clothing and vampire teeth and I remember screaming in fear and ended up crying at the end of the party, with my hair all tousled looked like a beggar. Poor me.

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      thanks for your joining. It's a special halloween memory.
      However,our contest has ended. Expires 10/30.
      You can join our next contest.

      Have a nice weekend.

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