Friday, January 22, 2016

Congratulation!!!The first couple winner of Sammydress Valentine's Day giveaway came out!!

Dear all!

The result of comments round 1 was came out!There are stands 30 comments in total during January 15 to January 21.We are choose the Lucky winner at this round. 

Btw,The one who was comments during this time could not be chosen again even though you are comments again,that is to say,every one only have one chance to comments for this activity.Please help noted with thanks and also thanks so much for the critics who are not be choose this time.

Let's us congratulating the LUCKY LOVER Mia Bella & Djevojcica Mala will get the gift code $100 in total!

Join us on blog post activity Valentine's day!!Let your friend know this!

The lucky one will be her/he!

Please waiting for the round 2&3!

We will announced the next 2 round together

on 02/14/2016!

----Sammydress iTry-program


  1. OMG :D ^_^ Thank you very much .. We are very happy :D Thank youuuuuuuu

  2. OMG :D ^_^ Thank you very much .. We are very happy :D Thank youuuuuuuu

  3. Thank you a lot :D Can you check mail pls?! :*

    1. yes,we have apply it already!

    2. Can you read mails? We can't order, don't have part gift card,... can you open mail and so something that part gift card show, and that we can order ?! :(

  4. Can you check mail again pls ? :(

  5. selamat siang, salam blogger, sobat.
    ijin berkunjung untuk berkomentar yah, :D
    perdana nih,
    sukses yah buat blog nya :)

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  7. Halo sobat blogger, ijin berkunjung ya.
    salam kenal dengan saya, blogger baru :D