Thursday, September 29, 2016

Spotted: “Pants” + “Boots”/“High Heels”

In Autumn, most girls are still complying with matching boots with a legging while its a hackneyed way of wearing and is not offering anything new. Whether the jeans suit the boots well too? Or Probably you will find jeans, by which the leggings will be substitute set your boots off.
Cropped jeans + Ankle boots

Though the cropped jeans have always been an icon of fashion, its especially popular this year. It is the ideally style of pants to apply when matching with a pair of Ankle boots since the cropped pants will cover the length of whole leg while only exposing a slim ankle.

Zipper Ankle boot(here) - Studded Ankle Boot(here)

Some girls rolling up the pants since it covered the ankle due to the length. It is sometimes inappropriatesince since it makes your leg fat and short when you wear it with a loose boots. Its will be much better to collocate a cropped jeans with a leg boots or an ankle boots and roll the pants up to the length that exposing just a little of your ankle. 
Like what the model shows below.

Pointed Boots + Trumpet Pants
Some vintage pants such Trumpet pants is a prevalent item this year. Covering the boots with the your trumpet pants will make your leg seems longer so it doesn’t matter what you are actually wearing on your fee. But the partly visible Pointed boots will make you more feminine.

Trumpet pants + High Heels
When it comes to Spring and Summer and its time to get rid of the boots. A match of trumpet pants and high is highly recommended. Below is how Sammydress’ model deducing it. 

Flare Pants(here) - White High Heels(here

More options of fashion clothings:


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