Friday, December 16, 2016

Be a bad boy, let denim build your yuppie style

Be a bad boy, let denim build your yuppie style

As a symbol of American leisure clothing, denim jacket originated in 1950s. In the gold rush era, miners, cowboys and railway workers are all engaged in very heavy physical labor, working in the mine, logging would always worn clothes. So they hoped to have a wear-resistant and durable coat. Gradually, this kind of coat became popular among miners. Bingo! This is what we called denim jacket nowadays. Then in the 60s and 70s of last century, denim jacket was worn by hippies in anti war protests and rock music festival. By this time, denim coat finnaly popular among celebrities, becoming an indispensable trend item.

  But why the denim jacket is so popular? The reason is very simple. Denim jackets are easily mathced with other outfits and are suitable for almost any informal occasion. 
     Follow me, let's look at how to match a denim jacket in this winter.

1.Match your new coat

    Many people are always hesitate whether or not to wear a overcoat in the winter, because they just think that the legs look shorter when wearing long coat. But there is a really very simple way to address your worry. Taking a denim jacket inside your long suit or overcoat. This method can stretch your legs visually. Very simple, right? Both stylish and warm.

2.Do not forget your shirt and necktie

      Denim jacket can also match your necktie, looking business and yuppie.

3.Take it inside

       In addition to the outside wear, denim jacket can also be a very good inside item. Denim jacket can increase multi-tier visual effect, and also very suitable for cold weather

4.Fleece lined denim jacket--Sherpa Jacket

       In order to resist the cold winter.Over the years, denim jacket has also been some changes, there have been some other styles.Today we want to introduce this kind of sherpa jacket, which is fleece lined.Characterized by very excellent thermal insulation.

Let’s see our big handsome guy Beckham

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