Thursday, December 8, 2016

You little badass, Ready to meet Santa Claus?

Jingle bells~ Jingle Bells~ jingle all the way~

Hi everyone! Santa is getting closer and closer to us. It’s the most wonderful (stressful?) time of the year! And I think the first step is that we should make our home a better Christmas atmosphere and buy yourself some funny Christmas accessories.

So, today let’s talk about some funny Christmas decorations, Follow me! Let’s we decorate every corner of the house to make our home more cozy and more “Christmas”.

Candle Holder

God said," Let there be light," and there was light.

Bingo~ The first thing I want to talk about is candles. But I don’t want to talk about too much about candle itself, (after all, all candle look the same..) I want to share you an interesting Candle Holder.

Classical Original Ecology Woody Candle Holder

There is nothing more than a candle that can make your home full with Christmas atmosphere. Whether it is on the desk or desk at home, a little candle is enough to warm your body and soul.

Christmas Brooch

Although the a Brooch is samll, a christmas Brooch can let you look more “christmas”. The brooch is very easy to match coat and scarf, You are the tide of Christmas.

Bowknot Enamel Wreath Christmas Brooch

Christmas Socks

Of course,you should prepare a pair of chrstmas socks, santa will give every lovely child ( including you! ) the gift that they want. So,do not forget it.

Pair of Deer Snowflakes Jacquard Christmas Knitted Socks

Of course, there are a lot of great Christmas gifts I didn't mention,such as santa claus hat, Christmas ring, christmas tree. You can find some at here. But at the end of the article, I want to give all the readers a benefit.

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