Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Classic Black-and-White!

In a complicated world, there’s something reassuring about clean, simple black-and-white, which is the power couple of fashion, especially when it’s organized into grids. 
It's a color combo as classic as peanut butter and jelly, also looks modern, cool and assertive—but never in your face—and smacks of self-possession. 
Therefore, black & white is absolutely a must-have color in your wardrobe. Girls, do you own a classic black-and-white? Believe me, you will fall in love with it.

Ok ladies, let's hear it: do you wear basic black and white looks? 
Or do you think that's too boring? 

$8.00 for Elegant Checkerboard Pattern Drawstring Shorts

$11.47 for Western Style Black and White Checked Print Sleeveless Dress

$13.76 for Modern Style Black and White Checked Print Over Hip Dress With Belt

More choice at  WELCOME!


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