Saturday, June 1, 2013

Older Children’s Children’s Day!

Children’s Day is none of our business any more? 
Sadly, I have to say “yes”. But, but no one or nothing can stop us to celebrate Children’s Day in our own way, young ladies, agree? 
So what’s your plan? Having a date with your handsome guy? Hanging out with your girl friends? Or just staying at home? (It sucks.) 
Whatever your plans are, you need something to make yourself look childish, cause it’s Children’s Day. So what kinds of cute accessories do we need? Let’s check it out.
Would you like to be a childish girl today? Just put on your cute overalls and wear your sweet shoes, take the lovely bag with you. Be a older child to celebrate your Children’s Day!
Anything else do we need in your opinion? Discuss and share with us!

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$19.37 for Flat Shoes With Sparkling Glitter and Cute Style Design

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1 comment:

  1. Oh, it is a good idea to celebrate older children’s day. Why not a teenager could celebrate the children day. In fact teenagers don’t have a particular day to celebrate.