Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

What did you do for Mother’s Day? 
Did you play the doting daughter or the sweet son? 
Did you take her out for a wonderful meal, gave her flowers and those sparkly earrings she has been eyeing?

Well Father’s Day is coming up soon and even though men are the less sentimental of the two sexes, it doesn't mean that the day should be celebrated gift-free.
It's a sad-but-true fact of parenthood: Dad often always plays second fiddle to Mom … even Father's Day is No. 2 in line. 
So, Daddy's girl or not, it's time you show Pops just how much you care with gifts he'll actually want. What kind of gifts will you choose for your daddy?

Here we are going to recommend the watches.

What do you think of these watches? 
Will you choose a special watch as gifts for your Daddy? Or what kind of gifts do you want to give to your Dad for Father’s Day? Share with us…

$22.70 for Julius Quartz Watch with Numbers and Strips Indicate Leather Watchband

$18.31 for Golden Dial Auto Automatic Mechanical Leather Wrist Watch


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