Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sammydress Reivew from Arum

In our daily life, skin care, make-up is very important for us.Today I want to introduce a beautiful blogger with big eyes who cooperate with us before.She likes beautiful makeup, she is Arum.She very carefully to review the cosmetic pencils which received from

There are lots of knowledge about the make-up on her blog, such as makeup beauty seminars, beauty tools to explain ,make up eyes & lips & eyebrows & facial, and the use of some skin care products. It is very helpful to the readers who want to learn the beauty knowledge.

The review said the kabuki set has 32 pink handles and a pink bag.These brushes can be cleaned several times.It's fur is still no problem, no change in shape after washing  
and do not fall off.
Arum review kabuki set said“Set ini sudah saya pakai, dan sudah saya cuci dua kali.
Bulunya masih oke, nggak rontok dan bentuknya nggak berubah setelah dicuci.

The pink brush set has strong stalk, it’s coat is smooth, not fall washed twice, his fur is still the same shape,the overall quality is good brush .
Arum review pink brush set said“Desainnya bagus, kayu-kayu gitu, tangkainya kuat ,bulunya halus dan nggak rontok ,
sudah dicuci dua kali dan bulunya masih sama bentuknya, nggak njeprak-njeprak,secara keseluruhan kualitas brush ini bagus”

If you are interested in make up knowledge, you can follow her blog.

Sammydress review:


  1. Ohh these brushes are heaven! I so love it, definitely! <3


  2. Ohh these brushes are heaven! I so love it, definitely! <3


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