Monday, August 29, 2016

Sammydress Reviews: Buyer’s Show

Hi, Gorgeous! How was your weekend? I enjoyed the weekend with my parents, time together is so precious for me because we haven't met for a long time. My mom worn the blue printed blouse that I bought from online shop a month ago, which is a birthday gifts. I’m so happy that there isn’t a big difference between real product and product picture, my mom really like it.
So today, i have an idea, why don’t introduce some buyers photos for the reader? People always be interested in the difference between seller show and buyer show, right?
First girl I would like to introduce is Crystal,I love her cheerful smile, she worn the pineapple print halter bikini and hold a real pineapple, that's interesting! (Right is models picture)

“I'm in love with this suit! It fit perfect and it looked amazing!! Just like the photo” Crystal Said.

AnyaProsto, the second lady, I think her photos is even better than our pictures, only the shirts is from sammydress, but I have to say all picks she worn is amazing, she just like a model!
“I love this shirt! Great quallity”AnyaProsto said.

The third lady is Eni,she bought a floral midi skirt and matched a white tank top of herself, her looks is simply and elegant, I can almost smell the sunshine by looking her picture.

“This skirt is absolutely perfect for spring/summer seasons. It looks like a thick expensive fabric, but it's quite thin, and the black layer below makes it even more comfortable. The A-line cutting can create a wonderful hourglass-look and the flower pattern can go with any basic top or shirt.” From Eni.

If you like these ladies I introduced, how about to give her a vote? The Buyer can get points and cash coupons if she got enough votes. And you can vote and find more buyers show from here.


  1. love that skirt

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